Service Dept.

Why Service your Vehicle here?

We have reliable Factory-Trained Technicians who know your product best and who are qualified for today’s technically sophisticated systems. They have the experience, the training and the special equipment required to keep your vehicle in good running conditions. We feel our qualified technicians are a huge part of our success, assuring that the work is performed efficiently and correctly the very first time, every time. The pride in the work they perform and their great solutions to problems, big or small, has reinforced our level of commitment to our loyal customers. We are confident that our team offers the best advice, the highest standard of workmanship, giving you true value for your money along with very competitive rates.

“Committed to Quality and Your Peace of Mind!”

One key to a safe, reliable and dependable vehicle is ensuring a proper maintenance schedule. This ensures peak operation to save gas and repair bills while optimizing & the value of your vehicle.

With the latest in diagnostic equipment as well as Ford Certified Technicians & Factory Support always available to help, we quickly & accurately diagnose problems that will get your vehicle on the road in less time. This will reduce the overall shop time which means true value for your money.

Another way of saving you out of pocket expenses is the 65 Point “Oil Change” received while in our service department. Not only does the oil change come with a full brake inspection and tire rotation but a complete inspection of 65 “Wear” items and a final report card of your vehicle. This 3 color system helps prevent unexpected breakdowns and repairs by suggesting PASS/WARNING/FAIL that advises on immediate or future repair costs.

“The right knowledge & technology to ensure your vehicle is operating at its best from people who know your Ford vehicle best, our team of Ford Specialists.”

We are proud to offer you:

  • Convenient pick-up / delivery of your personal vehicle.
  • Loaner vehicle’s available for major breakdowns, on a case by case basis.
  • Free Shuttle Service available for service breakdowns and/or service appointments.
  • Saturday morning parts & emergency repair hours, for those simple and straightforward repairs and/or general maintenance.

“Why would you take your vehicle anywhere else but here?”