Shipping & Receiving - Kapuskasing


The roles and responsibilities are to receive inbound inventory, place inventory at designated location and prepare parts for the mechanics.  This person is responsible to verify the accuracy of all shipments and be able to deliver them to all off site locations.

Reports To: Parts Manager



Achieving High Standards

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible to receive all orders sent to dealership
    • Ex; Daily Ford order, Purolator, Loomis, Canpar, etc…
  • List of scheduled tasks:
    • Morning – Receive Ford order, separate HD and Main Shop orders. Load up truck to send needed parts to HD.  Production is key!
    • Unpack order for Main Shop, receive order in the system and provide report to Parts Manager.
    • Handle all parts needed for technicians in the shop, you are responsible for all warranty parts. Daily walk in the shop to collect warranty parts, properly tagged and put in warranty container.
    • You are responsible to run the weekly Warranty Return report. Clean out what is not needed, prepare parts on report to be shipped back.
    • You are responsible for Core returns, inspect all is there, prepare parts and ship.
    • You are responsible to work with Parts manager for 5% returns, you will get all the parts required, tagged and sent back when ready.
  • Determines method of shipment and prepares bills, invoices and other shipping documents
  • Receives merchandise - checks and signs delivery slips, and assists with unloading as necessary.
  • Inspects and verifies incoming goods against invoices or other documents, records shortages and rejects damaged goods. Accept inventory in system (Serti) and provide document to Parts Manager.
  • Accepts or returns merchandise according to established company procedures.
  • Contacts resource people for various information. Contacts transport companies and suppliers in order to expedite, trace or return merchandise that does not conform to specifications or purchase orders.
  • Knows safe storage and handling procedures for various chemicals and materials
  • You are required to complete your P2P courses and always stop on top.
  • You are in charge of knowing where the inventory is going at all times, you collect the warranty parts in the shop, properly tag them and place in the parts container.
  • You also must notify when orders are inputted in the system with a report to the Parts Manager.  The Parts manager will confirm the Work Orders and have you place the parts at the appropriate place for the upcoming jobs

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